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Family Support

Support or advocacy is offered to families who have recently received a diagnosis or who are in need of support to access appropriate services.

The coordinator often represents the family at education meetings and tribunals along with any other relevant issues relating to the difficulties that families affected by autism often experience.

SAS Clubs

Through funding sourced through Clydebank Housing Association we have provided an Art and Sport Club open to all with a diagnosis of autism and siblings. This service has grown rapidly and also hosts a parents support group.

For more information please visit our SAS clubs section

Online Learning

As a charity we are now taking new steps towards educating parents, staff, carers and children in a whole new way.

We are hoping to run online classes and support groups so that we can reach people in a new more accessible way.

This will hopefully allow us to expand our reach and improve the way we aid and support our families.

Home Support

This is a service which provides a needs led support to families by taking the child/adult with autism out to enjoy their favourite activity etc by fully trained staff to enable families to gain some much needed respite while their child accesses suitable activities.

This work is managed and coordinated by the family support worker.

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